I love teaching, and I'm always up for sharing ideas for how to effectively teach philosophical content. Here's a poster I created explaining how I incorporate poster presentations into undergraduate philosophy courses. At the Pacific APA in the spring, I'm going to do a course demo at the Teaching Hub, sharing a flow chart I created to guide students through the application of the Doctrine of Double Effect to cases of ectopic pregnancy. If you have ideas you'd like to share with me, please reach out!

I have teaching interests in ethics (normative ethics, applied ethics, history of ethics), epistemology, social-political philosophy, and logic.

Here is a list of courses I have taught.

Washington University in St. Louis

  • Normative Ethical Theory

  • Biomedical Ethics

  • Present Moral Problems

  • Issues in Applied Ethics

University of New Mexico

  • Normative Ethical Theory

  • Biomedical Ethics

  • Classical Social & Political Philosophy

  • Epistemic Virtue & Value

  • The Good Life (Graduate seminar)

  • Applied Ethics (Graduate seminar)

  • History of Virtue Ethics (Graduate seminar)

  • Virtue Ethics (Graduate seminar)

University of Notre Dame

  • Introductory Ethics

University of Arizona

  • Ethical Theory

  • Justice and Virtue

  • Philosophy in Literature

  • Contemporary Moral Problems

  • Business Ethics

  • Personal Morality

  • Introductory Logic